Marina Bicycle Rental Marina Bicycle Rental

Marina Bicycle Rental Agreement


All the terms and conditions of the bicycles belonging to MARINA BICYCLE as 18 items in total,It regulates the rights and obligations regarding for rental and use.

Rental Conditions, Obligations


a) For trips outside Bodrum, unless they give Marina Bicycle a written consent,

b) For the transportation of slightly flammable, explosive, poisonous or dangerous substances,

c) To rent again to different people,

d) In heavy winds or stormy weather,

e) It cannot be used by drivers under the influence of alcohol and / or addictive substances.

2-Our customers are obliged to consider the rules of road traffic regulations.

3-It is forbidden to ride the bicycles of Marina Bicycle without using hands.

4-Intervention or any modification of bicycles belonging to Marina Bicycle

it is forbidden.

5-Bicycles belonging to Marina Bicycle are for 1 person, 2 people are prohibited from riding (Excluding Tandem)

6-The entire responsibility of the rented bike belongs to the customer. The customer has stolen, lost or

in a similar case, the brand that he rented per bicycle and

is responsible for the amount of the list price at the sales firm of the model. If the customer is deliberately

If the person is responsible for the negligence, this limit of responsibility is given to the other person or substance.

damages are re-determined so as not to accommodate. Marina Bicycle has no responsibility in this regard.

she does not accept. The customer's responsibility begins with the delivery of the bike to him and

It continues by its own testimony until it is approved by Marina Bicycles, and it is okay.

Damage Amount for All Bicycles is as follows:

In case of an inner tube puncture, 10 TL,

30 TL in case of inner tube split,

50 TL in case of tire breakage,

If there is any problem in the gear system, 100 TL,

100 TL in case of breakdown of the brake system,

70 TL for lost lock or lock key,

In the event that the stand is damaged, 50 TL is charged to our customers as a cost.

In case of any other damage, the cost of the damage to our workplace will be reflected to the customer.

7-The customer should be aware of the use of the bike he rented with the functions.

8-The customer should check his bike and report to our Company if there is any problem before starting to drive.

9-Bicycles can only be returned to the point of purchase. The customer is also responsible for Marina Bicycle. informing that the rental process has ended and also any accident, malfunction etc. Status If it happened, he is obliged to report this.

10-The customer, in an accident involving the belongings of third parties or others, other than the user is obliged to report this to the police and Marina Bicycle immediately. If the customer fulfills this obligation If it does not, then Marina Marina is responsible for the damage caused by a breach of this obligation.

11-The minimum rental fee for bicycles is the amount of 1 hour of the bike purchased.

12-The customer can obtain the entire contract from Marina Bicycle. This contract is It is the same contract found at.

13-After the customer has read and signed this contract, the process does not need to be repeated in every lease,it is for 1 time only. However, it is mandatory to leave an ID in every transaction. New leases This can be done by taking note of the follow-up list in the workplace.

The work consisting of 14-item is entirely made by the customer / customers whose name and signature are below it is considered read and accepted.

15-PRIVACY. Parties are responsible for keeping their information confidential. The information and documents obtained will not be shared with third parties.

16-STRIKABLE REASONS. Within the force majeure stated in the laws, the provisions specified in the laws are valid again

17-APPLICABLE PROVISIONS. All disputes that may arise in connection with this contract acknowledge that the Competent Bodrum and Mugla Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized. First of all, in cases where contract terms are not found in this contract, T.R Legislation will be applied. Turkish text will be taken as a basis in case of appropriation.

18- ADDRESS. Notifications to be made to the addresses of the parties written in this contract are valid. In case of any change in these addresses, it is obligatory for the parties to notify the new addresses ... If this is not done, the notifications made to the old address have legally valid results.